Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eco Gift Ideas: Beyond the Stores

This holiday season, remember there are more options than just what you can find in the stores. Here are some ideas for the socially conscious person on your list this year.

Offer gifts that don't involve buying anything. For example, time together, a back rub, babysitting, offer to teach something you know how to do (e.g., making candles), donation to charity, seeds from your garden, tickets to an event (musical, lecture series, play, concert, etc.), organic house cleaning service, gift certificates for spas, music downloads, movie downloads, etc.

Other gift ideas:

* Give the gift that keeps on growing -- a tree!
* Buy gifts from Fair Trade Shops.
* Give alternative charity gifts or donate to your favorite charity in honor of someone
* Feed a child in honor of someone you love and support organization for fighting hunger.
* Consider purchasing gifts from companies focused on providing products which use renewable energy sources (i.e., solar powered radio or outdoor lighting).
* Purchase gifts made from reused and natural materials or find ideas for making your own eco gifts.
* Shop for gifts at antique stores, estate sales or flea markets.
* Donate to a local charity that is distributing holiday gifts for underprivileged children.
* Create sustainable gift baskets filled with sustainable gift items (e.g., compact fluorescent light bulbs, plastic bag dryer, organic cotton socks/scarfs/hats/etc., shower head with mist setting for lowest flow showers, organic and/or vegan snack items, organic cotton towels, shade grown coffee, fair trade gifts, solar battery charger, solar radio/flashlight, etc.)

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