Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seminar on August 1: Building Green

Seminar: Building Green: Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Join Design Forward's Lisa Swan in Glendale on August 1, 2009 for a Building Green seminar for home owners.

Class Description: Whether you are interested in a new house, remodeling your existing home, or just adding a few sustainable features, this innovative class will give you an in depth review of green building and sustainable architecture. Learn about solar and wind energy, wall systems such as straw bale, insulated concrete forms and foam insulation, natural and recycled materials, efficient windows and appliances, and more. Also learn how you can save money through State and local rebates.
Reference Class: SI011

Instructor: Lisa Swan is the owner of Design Forward, a residential design firm, specializing in sustainable and green projects. She is an Honors' graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of Architecture and has an MBA from Norwich University.

Date & Time: August 1, 2009 9:30am - 12:30am

Cost: $35, plus $10 materials fee is payable to the instructor in class.

Location: Glendale, CA - Garfield Campus of the Glendale Community College

Register Begins June 1, 2009:

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