Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Fast Food Restaurants

What do you do when you've forgotton your healthy snacks and your only option is...nothing but fast food joints? Do you give up and go eat the greasiest, cheapest burger and fries and then throw away a bag full of garbage? Your excuses to indulge in unhealthy and unsustainable fare are dwindling. These days, there's lots of diet-friendly options at most fast food purveyors, and they are also making strides towards being healthier for the planet too (some more so than others, so read on).

Consult Greenopia's newly released Fast Food Ratings Guide to find out which of your fave quick-stop meal joints have the lowest impact. We've rated which fast food restaurants are making strides to be more sustainable, considering back-end practices, packaging, and transportation and we've noted the number of veggie and vegan choices and typical meal calorie ranges for each chain too.

According to the guide, when faced with a growling belly, your best bet is to go with a smaller chain whenever possible, like: Pizza Fusion, Burgerville (39 locations in the Pacific Northwest), Le Pain Quotidien (30 national locations) or Evos; each earned between a 3 and 4 leaf rating for initiatives like serving local and/or organic foods, offering biodegradable cutlery, choosing green buildings for new restaurants, or offsetting with wind credits.

Fast Food Ratings Guide

Article © Starre Vartan, Greenopia Picture © Greenopia


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