Monday, December 8, 2008

Give Green to Save Green

Just in time to help the cash-strapped and eco-inclined this holiday season, offer an array of affordable, eco-friendly gifts, recommendations and helpful information.'s annual gift guide returns with "Give Green to Save Green," offering suggestions of more than 100 unique gift options designed to help the planet as well as bottom lines.

TreeHugger's "Give Green to Save Green" ( gift guide presents a broad range of affordable options for spreading holiday cheer which come with the added benefit of reducing impact to the environment. The average American's trash output is 25 percent higher between Thanksgiving and the New Year, and household expenses are on the rise this winter. TreeHugger's timely holiday guide shows that choosing sustainable gifts can help to lessen both waste and financial strain. The "Give Green to Save Green" gift guide contains gift solutions in easy to follow categories including: Green Geek, Foodie, Fashion Buff, Wee-Hugger, Outdoors Enthusiast, The Health Nut, and more.

With items ranging from DIY natural gum and candy kits (Glee, $13) and energy-efficient earthen cookware (La Bamba, $58) to body care products in 'plantable' packaging (Pangea Organics, $40) and great gifts for gadget junkies (home power monitor, $99), TreeHugger's gift selections are as thoughtful to their lucky recipients as they are to the earth.

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