Saturday, September 6, 2008

ThermaRock Energy-Saving Drywall

New ThermaRock XI (eXtreme Insulation) is the world's first wallboard that can reduce energy use and cost. ThermaRock provides an insulation R-value of up to R 4.1, compared to 0.5 for gypsum drywall. This substantially reduces heat transfer through un-insulated or insulated exterior walls, and reduces heating and cooling costs up to 30% as a result. Their models show potential savings of $1,700 per panel over the life of the product.

The use of high-performance drywall to add insulation uses much less floor space than other approaches, and makes it particularly valuable for retrofits. It can also be the only practical way to add insulation to masonry or cement walls. ThermaRock XI allows a much faster, simpler construction process than the alternative of building out an inner wall - which is especially helpful in owner-occupied situations for minimizing disruption, dust and hotel living expenses.

ThermaRock XI delivers its extreme performance by incorporating a 'blanket' of space-age aerogel, a low-density, high performance insulating material, into the panel itself. The product is used like standard drywall.

ThermaRock is available in a gypsum version, for use on wood or steel studs or over existing drywall, and a magnesium oxide version, for use on masonry or CMUs.

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