Saturday, September 6, 2008

Green School Supplies

It is that time again: Back to School. Students all over the US gear up for classes and with that come lots of new supplies. How can you make this year different? Are there good sources of green school supplies? We complied a few that offer a variety of earth-friendly office and school supplies.

One place you can start is GreenLine. They carry a large selection of paper items, notebooks, binders that are made from recycled products.

Red Apple School Supply has a line school and office supplies cleverly named Green Apple. These earth-friendly supplies are made of either recycled, reclaimed, or managed forest products. has a Back to School section with messenger bags made from recycled #1 PET water and soda bottles and organic cotton t-shirts.

TreeSmart pencils are made out of rolled up recycled newspaper - as you sharpen the pencil you will be able to see layers of newsprint at the tip.

And how about a stapler that doesn't use any staples. This handy staple-free stapler cuts out a sliver of paper and stitches the sheets together.

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