Thursday, April 5, 2007

Master Cleanse 3 - Day 9

Day 9 -

Weight Loss = 10.5 lbs

I made it through my 9 day cleanse! It was easy to get through today. I was busy at work and had a lecture to go to tonight - so my mind was on other things. I felt good today. A little hunger in the evening, but I ran out of lemonade in the afternoon and did not bring enough for "dinner" so I had to wait until I got home at 10pm. Tomorrow I begin to break the fast. Here is the proper way:
Tonight - Drink one last senna tea
Day 1 - Do one last SWF in the morning. The rest of the day, drink fresh squeezed orange juice (organic oranges) - 50% water and 50% OJ.
Day 2 - Continue drinking OJ, can make it stronger 25% water and 75% OJ. For dinner, make a vegetable soup - any vegetables you like boiled in spring or distilled water, add mild seasonings and sea salt for taste. Eat mostly the broth and few vegetables
Day 3 - Full strength OJ for breakfast, the rest of the soup and all the vegetables for lunch. For dinner, eat a salad or vegetables, a little bread and little oils.
Day 4 - resume normal eating, but avoid meat and dairy for as long as possible.

I may have to deviate a little from this plan, since Sunday is Easter, and I will be having dinner with the family.


Susan said...

WOW Lisa - this sounds intense!

phentermine said...

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lapinou said...

you are so kind to share your experience with master cleanse
as you have done master cleanse for 3 times, i am wondering if you gain weight after you stop the programme?
thanks i am on day6 :)

Lisa Swan said...

I did gain a few pounds back right away. Once you add water and food back into your diet, the water weight you lose the first few days comes right back. Over the long term, I changed my diet and keep some of the weight off.