Saturday, March 31, 2007

Master Cleanse 3 - Day 4

Day 4 -

Weight Loss = 6.5 lbs

The weekends can often be the hardest, because you are not usually as busy with work and other things during the work week. So to combat that, we scheduled a busy day of going out walking, a home and garden show, a movie and some shopping. It helps to keep your mind and body moving. If you spend to much time just sitting at home, the hungry will sneak up on you.
I noticed today my skin was very soft. My husband noticed too - I like this part of the detox, when you body starts to heal itself and you really start to feel good. So in all, today was good, no big problems with headaches and being hungry - I am definitely through the rough part. It should be downhill from here. I did notice I did not drink as much today, I am trying to catch up on my water now before I drink my tea and go to bed.

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