Thursday, March 29, 2007

Master Cleanse 3 - Day 2

Day 2

Weight Loss = 4.5 lbs

So it looks like I lost a lot of weight but don't be fooled - it is simply just water and other stuff just leaving my body. This is common to have a large drop in pounds in the beginning, but it not going be a weight loss miracle. This the the weight that you will quickly gain back once you start eating again.

All in all today was a good day. My headache was gone when I woke up, which made the day easier. I was doing much better with energy and felt on hungry for a few hours in the afternoon.

In the evening, I went and sat in the spa for about 45 minutes, while I drink lots of water, and just soaked. It was very nice. One thing I noticed about doing the Master Cleanse, is that I feel cold and it is very hard to warm up. The spa definitely help me feel better. After, my husband and I took a long walk around our neighborhood. So that is pretty much it, much better day than yesterday, but I hope tomorrow is easier. From my previous experience, the third day is usually great.

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