Sunday, May 14, 2006

Master Cleanse 2 - Day 9

Total Weight Loss: 6 lbs.

Well, gained 1/2 pound again. The weight fluctuaction I am sure is normal, but I feel like I am going backwards. Today was not as good as yesterday. I had to get up really early for an event I was going to be at all day. I was too tired to get up when my alarm clock went off the first time, so I ended up getting out of bed too late to do the SWF. Side Note - So if you do not or cannot do the SWF in the morning, you are supposed to drink the sienna tea in the evening and the morning. Which I did, but my tummy did not like it much. So it was tough sitting in the sun all day and not feeling well. Plus I kept having to go the the bathroom, which was inconvenient. Not to mention, I was hungry all day. By 6:00pm I had 7 lemonades and I still felt hungry. So all and all not a great day. BUT, tomorrow is my last day!!! I only have one more day of lemonade, then I can begin to break my fast on Tuesday morning. Very exciting.

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