Thursday, May 11, 2006

Master Cleanse 2 - Day 6

Total Weight Loss: 5.5 lbs

I forgot to drink my tea last night! Oh, well. The SWF seems to work anyway. All the drinking I did yesterday seemed to help. 1.5 lbs of weight loss. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with yesterdays drinking. I only had 5 lemonades and about 20 oz of water, way less than I was suppose to. I am sure it will show tomorrow when I weigh myself. I also had a great massage today. My massage therapist friend is giving them to me for free to help the detox along. It felt wonderful. On a side note, Chris and I saw MI3 tonight the movie was very full of action, but had little plot, just one stunt after the other.


foreing psichologist said...

if you keep not eating, you end up dead sooner. the rush you get isn't real, it comes from a control felling, but while you starve yourself for ten days, your body gets energie not out of fatcells, but out eating you muscles, starting with your heart. you future husband loves you the way you are. And, trust me, looking good on pictures isn't about weight.

Lisa A. Swan said...

I disagree that I am starving myself. I am having about 600 calories a day. For a 5'-0" person, that is about 1/2 of my regular diet. What I am doing is flushing out my system and ridding my body of the toxic waste that builds up over time. The high comes from a cleanse body that is freeing itself from toxins.