Thursday, May 5, 2005

Master Cleanse - Day 5 Morning

Day 5...

Weight Loss - 3 lbs.

So I am not sure why I have not loss anymore weight. I know this is not the reason why I did it, but it was to be expected and it is not happening. So I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I think I will try drinking more today. I found it quite hard even to drink the 60oz of lemonade I have been drinking, plus maybe 32oz of water. It is almost noon and I am not even done with my first glass. But I am going to make a conscious effort today to drink at least 80oz of lemonade.

Someone suggested I try the Salt Water Flush with straw. Boy - that was much better. I was able to drink it much faster and consistently. Definitely going to continue with that...

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