Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Master Cleanse - Day 4 Morning

Day 4...

Weight Loss - 3 lbs.

So my weight hasn't changed from yesterday, but that is ok. I feel good. I found I like the lemonade better with half the maple syrup, which may help with the weight loss. We will see.

Did you even notice how much of our lives revolve around food. Last night I was invited to go out for drinks with some friends, but I had to turn them down. It was too much temptation. A good friend of mine called to make plans for Friday, when I realized all the things we normally do - go for a drink or dinner or coffee was out. We decided on a movie. I never thought I would have to struggle to find something to do with a friend. Food is so integrated into our lives. I am definitely a social eater. I don;t eat much at home, maybe a turkey sandwich. But when I am out with my friends or my boyfriend, I tend to eat more. Or at least, I consume more calories, with drinks and appetizer This last few days has given me an interesting look into my social behavior.

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