Monday, May 2, 2005

Master Cleanse - Day 2 Night

Ok - My headache is not gone yet. I really hope I can get through this. If my headache is not gone by tomorrow, I am going to scream. My food cravings were less today. I only felt hungry around my normal dinner time. I also stopped using the cayenne pepper in powder form. I walked to Wild Oats today and bought more maple syrup, mint tea and cayenne capsules. The capsules burn a bit when they hit my stomach, but it makes drinking the lemonade much better. I have had no problems with the senna tea. I have had no craps yesterday or today. I have been enjoying the tea, actually.

I hope I can do better tomorrow - I took two naps today. I didn't even go to work. The only real activity I did was walking to the store. I have to go to work tomorrow

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