Sunday, April 25, 2004

Beyond Earth Day

Now that Earth Day is over doesn't mean we should stop thinking about the planet. Some statistics:

Using one compact fluorescent light bulb could save you $30-$40 during its lifetime. It can also save 34 gallons of oil, 2.8 pounds of smog, and 850 pounds of carbon dioxide.

If every household in California installed a solar hot water heater, we would cumulatively save enough energy to shut down another 67 power plants (87gW-hrs/day).

127 Million Americans, half of the nation's population, live in regions with air quality that does not meet federal standards for certain air pollutants.

To support the entire human population in the lifestyle of Americans would require roughly three additional planets the size of planet Earth.

Finding and fixing leaks can save an average family over 2,500 gallons of water each month.

1/2 the world's population is under age 25

The US is the largest emitter of global warming pollution, responsible for 25% of the problem.

One computer left on all day results in the emission of 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year. It would take 100 to 500 trees to absorb that amount of extra carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.


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